Kyle Porter, CEO Salesloft

Before Kraig got up on stage at the Atlanta Tech Village, many in the audience were looking down at their phones. 30 seconds later, he had all 400 people’s rapt attention. And the next 30 minutes was an educational ride that changed the way they all look at sales…as well as the business of life. From tactical remedies to the woes of cold calling to inspirational strategies that lead teams to victory, each minute of his presentation was filled with world-class sales ROI. I can’t wait to see him again and get my sales team of 30+ to soak up his knowledge.


Jonny Birdsong,

“Kraig Kleeman brought the house down at the Atlanta Tech Village. For 30 minutes, he had the crowd in awe and inspired to push their business to the next level. His pacing, tone, and delivery of an incredible message had Twitter on fire and some folks in the audience with tears. Kraig Kleeman is a rock star and he proved it with his appearance at the Atlanta Tech Village.”


Ken Krogue, President of Inside Sales.Com

“I met Kraig from personally researching his book The Must React System, which I believe brings new and much needed approaches to the world of business development. His content is a game changer. Kraig’s ebook we did together is one of the very top downloaded pieces of content we have done in partnership. We recently hosted 63 of the top speakers and authors in the sales and marketing industries at our record-breaking Inside Sales Virtual Summit and Kraig’s content was outstanding and his speaker ratings were some of the best at the event. Kraig is a master of new, fresh, bold and innovative words, materials, and industry-leading content. Kraig has my highest recommendations.”


Dean Alessandrini, Director of Inside Sales, Hubert Company

“Kraig Kleeman and The Must-React System has transformed my entire Inside Sales team. While Kraig’s content is superb, his delivery style is equally superb. We have elevated our game with Kraig and he is now an ongoing advisor. The energy builds for weeks as my team anticipates his quarterly arrival…and these visits are spectacular. Kraig’s methods are bold, confident, and documented effective. As Kraig trains techniques and we put them into play – we are often amazed to see them deliver results…right in front of our eyes. Kraig is a motivator. He doesn’t just teach – he leads his students to believe in their ability to perform, and then holds them accountable to deliver! My new hires are now trained by Kraig prior to making a single proactive sales call. After they get certified in The Must-React System, we affectionately describe them as “Kleeman-ized” because we know they will be productive the moment they step out of Kraig’s highly hands-on training sessions. Kraig is vital component to my team’s high-performance here at the Hubert Company.”


Larry Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

“It is always a pleasure to have Kraig join us as a featured speaker at our sales and leadership focused conferences and events. His content is fresh, his delivery style is engaging, and his message is relevant. Kraig is an outstanding story teller who weaves valuable lessons into an entertaining and attention grabbing presentation. Our conference attendees regularly
comment on the value and the benefits they derive from Kraig’s sessions and we look forward to having him join us at future events.”


Glenn Trout, CEO of MSDSOnline

“We engaged with Kraig Kleeman to fix our inside sales organization. Whoa – I don’t think any of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. Kraig’s methodology, The Must-React system produces amazing results. Our number of product demonstrations increased by more than 300% immediately after an engagement with Kraig. He showed us that the power of sales process transformation is real. He is the best public speaker I have ever watched live and in person. Kraig Kleeman receives my highest recommendation.”


Chad Burmeister, Director, Corporate Sales at ON24

“Kraig is the most fresh, most bold public speaker in the industry. Period, end of story. We hosted more than 40,000 online webinars in 2012. Kraig’s topic of The Art of Prospecting was ranked in the Top 5 of all 40,000 in 2012. His new, fresh, bold approaches are highly vital to any sales organization that is serious about generating leads and prosecuting them with excellence so as to achieve conversions. Kraig Kleeman is a rock star speaker.”